Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Talking Books! Coventry Central Library Event

Thursday evening, our library launch event, was fabulous! The young people performed wonderfully, lots of people came, cakes and other things were eaten, wine and soft drinks were drunk, we chatted and introduced our books.

And a pair of young twins showed me a wonderful series of books they had written and produced themselves. Very professional and some great writing!

And finally, huge thanks to Coventry Central Library and their wonderful staff, for hosting the event, their wonderful displays and excellent publicity.


Baggy said...

How brilliant!

The stand displaying your books look great.

Rosalie Warren said...

Thanks, Baggy. The library did a great job of producing stands, displays and posters of our books.

Melissa Lawrence said...

Well done Rosalie! So pleased the event went well.

Rosalie Warren said...

Thanks, Melissa.