Friday, 11 November 2011

Wartime memories, ghost walks, hangings, paranormal detectives, past lives, poetry, quantum theory of the Coventry Ring Road - just for a start!

No, no, folks - I'm honestly not trying to score hits on Google. The above is an accurate description of just some of the contents of Coventry Tales - the anthology produced by the Coventry Writers' Group, which has now hit Kindle with a bang.

And this coming Saturday, 12th Nov, you have your chance to meet the authors, purchase a signed copy of the paperback edition, claim your free Coventry Tales pen and hear various authors speak about their writerly joys and angst.

Click here for Coventry Tales on Amazon - in paperback or Kindle form.

And click here for the Coventry Tales clip 'Inspired by You' on YouTube!

It's all in Waterstones, Smithford Way, Coventry City Centre, this coming Saturday (12th Nov) from 10:30am until about 12:30pm. And let me tell you, Waterstones are great hosts for events like these. When I did my signing there for Coping with Chloe back in May, they were wonderful - I was well supplied with coffee throughout and there was lots of traffic through the store.

On Saturday, with half a dozen authors present or even more, there should be a real buzz. And if anyone local is interested in joining the Coventry Writers' group, there'll be information on hand and lots of folk to make you feel welcome.

The book - well, whatever your interests, there should be something there for you. Every piece was inspired by our wonderful city in some way. There is fun, humour, thought-provoking stuff written by young and (relatively) old. The book has been professionally produced and copy-edited (I'll be personally answerable for any typos that have crept in) - and the heartfelt thanks of the Coventry Writers' group go to Mike Boxwell of Greenstream Publishing, who took the initiative, whipped us into line and made actual a project we'd been talking about for years.

So, many thanks Mike and everyone else who contributed - and hope to see Waterstones thronging on Saturday. (By the way - if you know any exiled Coventrians - this would be the perfect Christmas gift for them.)

Click here for Coventry Tales on Amazon - in paperback or Kindle form.