Saturday, 21 May 2011

Chloe launch pictures

Well and truly launched

Whew! Launch of Coping with Chloe this morning in Waterstones, Coventry, was fantastic, and I'd really like to thank the wonderful staff there and everyone who came along or otherwise helped, sent good wishes, etc.

I must admit I was pretty scared. I did a book signing for one of my previous books and managed to sell -1 (that's minus one) book - in other words, I bought it myself to avoid utter and complete humiliation in the eyes of the bookshop involved. But that was then...

I'm a bit more clued up these days, and had a great team of family and friends including other-half Paul, son Dan and step-daughter Hannah, as well as expert publicist Andrea from Phoenix Yard and book distributor Sheila, plus friends from Coventry Writers' Group and Writers' Talkback, etc, etc. A fair few members of the public stopped to chat and some of them bought books. Maybe the free 'Chloe' pens and the edibles on offer helped, who knows?

All I can say is, it was a lovely experience and the number of books sold was up in the twenties, at least. I did two short readings from the book, which I enjoyed, at least. The people who didn't run away came over to see what was going on!

But the best moments were when two young girls, one ten (I think) and the other fifteen, told me that they are keen writers themselves. One has had a story published and the other is working on a novel. That was so thrilling to hear and I can't wait to see their work on the shelves in future years.

So, big thanks again to everyone, including the youngsters who very kindly took part in the photo shoot. Pictures will be coming soon!