Friday, 10 June 2011

I'm officially a bot!

I always suspected I would fail the Turing test and now it's official - according to my Twitter ratio, I'm a bot.

I've been reliably informed that if your ratio of following to followed is substantially less than one (i.e. you follow a lot more people than follow you) - then you're either a bit of a sad, unpopular, friendless creature or else you are a bot. And since the former is definitely not true, I must be a bot. QED.

I'm currently following 630 people and about 240 people follow me. I'm very happy with that. I love all my followers, bless their little cotton socks (and their long greasy overalls) and I believe that quality, not quantity, is what counts

And I'd like to think I'm someone who is very interested in the world around me and follows lots of scientific and technical sites, loves looking at Nasa pictures of Saturn's moons and listening in to all kinds of philosophical and scientific debates that don't really concern me either on a professional or a personal level.

I'd like to think so. But then again, it might be simpler just to accept my bot-dom. If it's anything like my bot-tom, there's not much I can do about it anyway.


Baggy said...

I'm not an official follower, but I do read you. Surely that's more important?!

Rosalie Warren said...

Of course it is, and thank you, Baggy. But I meant Twitter followers rather than blog followers.

Lovely to know you are reading my blog, anyway.

Sandra Patterson said...

I follow more people than follow me too, so this botdom must be catching. Never thought of myself as a bot before. Does it involve a lifestyle change?

Rosalie Warren said...

When I open my mouth to speak, an annoying beeping sound comes out. My joints squeak and I have a terrible pain in all the diodes down my left hand side.

So, no change there.