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STOP PRESS: Alexa's Song is getting 5-star reviews on Amazon UK and!

I'm pleased to announce, as of October 7th 2012, that my new novel for adults, Alexa's Song, has just been published and is available for download on Amazon Kindle, UK price £2.54. I'm hoping that readers who enjoyed Charity's Child, quite a few of whom were adults, will enjoy this book too. Once again, it tackles some difficult issues, as seems to happen in many of my books. I suppose difficult issues intrigue me and I try to understand them by creating characters who have to deal with them.

Cover design by Rob Tysall, Nuneaton

The narrator of Alexa's Song is Jake, a man in his mid-thirties who is a talented artist yet to find success. Jake has a constant battle with his bipolar disorder - and his state of mind is not helped by the fact that he loves Alexa, his brother's wife, herself a professional pianist and composer of both popular and classical works. When Alexa goes off to America to record a TV show and returns pregnant, everything is turned upside down. Does Jake have another chance to win Alexa's love? Or will his chronic mental health condition throw both his personal life and his career into jeopardy once again?

I had intended to publish Alexa's Song earlier this year, but a number of family events, including the sad death of my father, intervened. When I returned to it recently I discovered that its publication would almost coincide with World Mental Health Day 2012 (October 10th). I'm delighted by this, especially as I have a chronic mental health condition (depression) myself, and am very keen on any kind of publicity for mental health - anything that helps to lessen the stigma so often associated with mental illness.
 Next week, Alexa's Song will be reviewed on the blog Indie ebook review - a well-regarded review site for electronic books. This blog is running features from October 7th-21st on the theme of mental health and fiction - see the first one, by Dan Holloway, here.

Hope you enjoy my book!

From a pre-publication review of Alexa's Song:
Told from the first person narrative stance of Jake, a thirty-something man whose life is defined by his bipolar disorder ... we witness, first hand, Jake hurtling through manic episodes, featuring promiscuity, risky behaviour, wild spending and the feeling of being superhuman. We know he will ‘crash and burn’. He knows it too, but sometimes, sometimes he just doesn’t care ... And all too soon he’s reduced again to the guilt-ridden, paranoid and depressed person who cannot see the point of existence ... There are no quick fix solutions in this poignant story but it allows the reader to gain insight into the mind of someone who might otherwise be dismissed as ‘ill’ and considered ‘scary’ ...  This is a brave story. Bravely told.

Cally Phillips
Editor, indie ebook review 
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