Sunday, 1 May 2011

New blog for 8-14 year old girl readers - Girls Heart Books!

I'm part of a wonderful new blog aimed at girl readers aged 8 to mid-teens - and I'm so thrilled! I had no idea when I asked to join that I'd be in the company of so many well-known and wonderful writers (or I'd never have dared to ask). Just take a look at some of the names, under 'Authors':

There will be a new post every day and we'll all be taking our turn. I'll be doing mine sometime towards the end of May and I'm sure by then there'll be some hard acts to follow. All our books are featured too, and there'll be competitions and other exciting stuff going on.

So if you have a daughter of that age or know anyone else who might be interested, please pass the message on. Our aim is to encourage girls who already love books and get some new ones reading, too.

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