Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Coventry Tales

Had a wonderful time at my local writers' group last night... the Coventry Writers' Group - see our forum at

We ran our own competition - the idea being that each of us write something (poem, short story, flash fiction) that could be called a Coventry tale. We put our entries (all anonymous) into a pile on the table and volunteers read each piece aloud. We then awarded marks out of ten to each (giving a ten to ourselves to eliminate cheating!) and the mathematical minds among us went away to count the votes.

It was great fun trying to guess who had written which piece. One or two were fairly obvious to me, though no less enjoyable for that. On the whole though, I guessed wrong, and was astonished when the authors were revealed.

And no, we didn't use AV to decide on the winners. I'm not sure quite how the eventual system worked, but everyone seemed happy with the results and, I'm very pleased to say, neither Nick Clegg's nor David Cameron's entries won! And yours truly got third place and a book token and so was very chuffed.

Look out for the book - we're thinking of publishing and marketing it as Coventry Tales.


CarolB said...

Rosalie I'm awarding you the Versatile Blogger badge, so pop over to Carol's Corner to collect it, if you wish to accept the 7 reveals and 7 blog recommendations.

Rosalie Warren said...

Oh wow Carol- just saw this - thank you!!! Am I too late? (If so, my fault for not checking my blog. It's been such a hectic few days...)