Wednesday, 29 August 2012

'The Wolf Princess' by Cathryn Constable - Reviewed by Heena Pala

Today I'm very pleased to post another great review by Heena Pala, aged 13.

It's a review of The Wolf Princess by Cathryn Constable,, which is due out in paperback in October 2012 (Chicken House).

Over to you, Heena:
The Wolf Princess is a fantasy book about an orphan called Sophie. Sophie dreams of having some adventure in her boring, boarding-school life. When he was alive, Sophie’s dad told her stories of forests and wolves and adventures. Sophie promised herself she would go there and see the tall forest trees and the thick snow falling at her feet. One day...

When a school visitor comes and wants Sophie to show her round the school,she seems very intrigued with Sophie’s life. And then she fulfils Sophie’s dream of an adventure; she sends Sophie and her two friends on a trip to Russia. But this is not what the young girl had in mind. There, waiting for them in Russia, is princess of the lost Volkonskaya Winter Palace. Sophie thinks she is from a boring, broken family but she discovers it’s a lot more complicated. Soon, the three girls realise they can trust no-one…

I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Wolf Princess. The story was well-structured and the way Cathryn Constable describes the abandoned palace makes you feel like you’re really there. Some parts send a shiver up your spine and you forget the world around you - like someone’s picked you up and put you in Russia with Sophie, Marianna and Delphine. There’s not one part without some sense of adventure. One criticism would be that it is a little slow to start. The main part happens in the last half of the book.

RATING: 8/10

PUBLISHER: Chicken House
RRP: £6.99
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Many thanks, Heena.

More from me soon.

Best wishes,

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''Hello, my name is Amy-Anne Williams and I am 13 years old. I am a dedicated member of Girls Heart Books, and whilst flicking through it's tabs I realized that you'd left. I've never read Coping With Chloe, and I just spent the last of my pocket money, so I was wondering if there was any way you could send me a book, which I would review on my blog ( ) of over 50,000 committed readers?

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