Sunday, 20 November 2011

Does the sun always shine in Matlock, Derbyshire?

I ask this question because I seem to spend a fair bit of my life driving up and down the M1, visiting my father, who lives in Yorkshire. Today I drove home to Coventry through unremitting fog. Unremitting, that is, except for a brief respite as the M1 passed close to Matlock, Derbyshire - and the cloud and mist broke up for a minute or so to reveal brilliant sunshine.

I've noticed this on my journeys before now. The rest of the 110 miles may be full of rain, mist, fog, hail, sleet, snow - but I can't remember a single trip where the sun wasn't shining on the Matlock junction.

Can anyone shed light on this? Wonderful Matlock sunlight, perhaps, to relieve the November gloom?

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Rosalie Warren said...

Clearly no Matlockians around to confirm or deny. Maybe they're all out enjoying the sun :)