Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Dear Ms Sue Doe Nym

Just received an invitation to an event for writers, addressed as follows:

Dear Dr Glasbey and Ms Warren

We would like to invite both of you to.....

I should explain that both of these people are me - I am Sheila Glasbey in real life and Rosalie Warren is my pen-name (can't remember why I decided to use one - would have been an awful lot simpler just to stick to my real name!)

Anyway, question is, do I pretend to be two people and take advantage of two lots of nibbles and wine? We could even be identical twins (oh no!)


Patsy said...

Could be worse - suppose they'd only invited one of you?

Lexia said...

Yes, go as two people. But first better find out what you are a doctor of ...

Rosalie Warren said...

Hi Patsy:
Yes, I suppose we might have fought over which of us should go!

Hi Lexia:
Hehe - if I remember rightly it's 'Cognitive Science', which has never yet proved useful in an emergency!